Amias Channer - Experienced Computer Scientist specialising in Test

Experienced Computer Scientist specialising in Automated Test

I've always wanted to know how things work, this lead me to linux and the world of open source just as the dotcom bubble inflated. I now have 20 years experience developing and supporting Linux based projects, during this time I have worked in many different guises and gained a thorough understanding of the full lifecycle of the technologies that power the internet. I can use this depth of experience to help your company use best practices for all its computing endeavours. Most recently i have been working on Automated Software Testing projects typically implementing Continuous Integration systems.

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Some of my previous Job Titles

Internet Consultant , Senior System Administrator , Perl Developer , Security Consultant , Lead Developer , Technical Director , Penetration Tester , Systems Analyst , Technical Journalist, Automated Test Lead, Software Tester, Python Developer and Network Manager.

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